Midstream Solutions

Ascendant Technologies designs and builds critical valve automation systems for the Midstream Oil & Gas sector. Midstream includes all transmission activities including Pipelines, Compression/Booster/Pumping Stations and storage facilities. Typical systems and electric/electro-hydraulic or Pipeline gas powered with additional options for solar power and battery back-up. Systems are sited in remote locations so must be highly reliable and protected against the environment. Systems in our range include:

  • Gas over oil systems for sour gas pipelines
  • Direct (high pressure) systems for sweet gas pipelines
  • Electro-hydraulic systems where fail safe is a requirement but there is no fluid power supply
  • Electric actuator systems
  • Electric Systems

    Electric Systems

  • Electro-Hydraulic Systems

    Electro Hydraulic Systems

  • Direct Gas Systems

    Direct Gas Systems

  • Self-Contained Systems

    Self Contained Systems

  • Gas-Over-Oil Systems

    Gas Over Oil Systems