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Line-Break & Hi-Lo Pilot Systems

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In pipeline applications, if the line is ruptured, typically at road crossings, river crossings or bridges, it is critical that the nearest isolation valve closes immediately to minimise spills.

Ascendant Technologies can provide its complete range of Actuators with line-break sensing systems.

Line-break sensors can be pneumatic or electronic (which is more accurate). To provide power in remote locations, we can power the electronic line-break with battery or even solar power.


On Wellhead applications, the Valve must shutdown if pressure rises or drops outside prescribed limits. To ensure this happens we fit Hi-Lo Pilot sensors into the Control Panel. These are adjustable spring loaded pressure sensing devices which dump the supply pressure once operated allowing a spring return actuator to move the valve to the closed position.


Each option can be incorporated into a complete assembled and tested automation assembly and integrated with all other necessary controls to ensure compatibility.



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